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The following players have been nominated as a Star Player by their opposing team mates:

Spring 2018 (2) Star Players

PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Lydia BrownSt Mary's2
Lisa HowarthNeteasers1
Aisha AnwarPwC1
Amy AndersonGame of Throws1
Reet DhalluChamber Challengers1
Kate CockerNOOW 17 1
Becca LabibPM Pythons 1
Rachel GoalbyTrafford Troops1
Kelly WatsonTotal Chaos1
Simone KirkupEgencians 1
Alice RoutledgeHoops1
Alice RoutledgeProperty Panthers1
Emma BradleyHooplas1
Lucy CramnerBalls Up1
Jennifer TalbotSaved by the Ball1

Winter/Spring 2018 Star Players

PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Karla GreenhalghHaydock hurricanes 1
Louise RyderPRESCOT1
Lauren WardCoyotes1
Chloe LawrensonHaydock hurricanes 1
Victoria SmithThe OddBalls1
Joanne NeillCoyotes1
Karen TarbuckSilver Ferns1

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